Working on…

In the midst of preparing for the Big Move, I’ve been managing to¬† get work done, yes I have! I just finished a sale at Uncovet, and that was a positive experience. Then I discovered that I had run out of the goat skin that I had been using for the Bayong bag handles, and so shifted to this luscious dark lamb skin I’d been keeping forever.

I also made new bowls, all crumpled up. I’m calling them Subok, Filipino for “try,” as these are experiments. I’ve done just a very small batch. They’ll soon be at the shop.

Meanwhile, I’m already preparing for next year’s collection (yes, I’m an early bird). For inspiration, I’ve been doing experiments in natural dyeing; and have been devouring all the mind-blowing photos of shibori on the Internet. One of my favorite blogs is currently Shibori Girl. It’s her work below.