Lavender Fields & Purple Desserts

Last month’s visit to the lavender fields reminded me and got my mouth watering for one of the desserts that I grew up with, the sapin-sapin or layers. It is mainly made of sticky rice and coconut milk. The purple part would be purple yam. On top, you’ll find a sprinkling of latik or toasted sweetened coconut.

If you’re up for the challenge and adventure, find the recipe here.


Globalista: Eating from Leaves

Source: via Nola on Pinterest

These plates remind me of our extended family’s traditional reunion in the  barrio, the countryside. There would be about 20 or more families coming together to celebrate a great-great- grandfather’s birthday. The best part about it was lunch out in the open. Steamed rice, green mango salad, grilled fish, roasted pig all laid out on a long bamboo table covered with banana leaves. No plates, no utensils.

Eating with hands from banana leaves is a gastronomical experience in itself. Try it sometime!  (It’s more fun. Promise.)

Seasons by Nao Tamura.

Globalista: Wanderlust at Home

Source: via Nola on Pinterest

Nomad Lamp & Basket by Shira Keret of Fourn’Five Design group

I would place the lamp and the basket somewhere near the door like I’m ready to leave everything behind and just go, anytime.  (As for him, I’ll have to think about it…I’m not sure my husband would be too happy having him around) The lamp would obviously provide the needed illumination  in the hallway and the bag would be an interesting holder of last minute things we might need when we leave the house — umbrella, grocery bag… what else?  – Nola