House hunting

I wrote a few customers that their orders will be arriving on 22 November instead of the real date, 22 September, causing them some distress (sorry!). That says a lot about where my head is right now. November is when the Big Move happens. Lots of stress preparing for everything, but the good, excited kind of stress!

This despite an early disappointment. Below is a photo of the house we wanted (still in construction, but about to be finished this month). You go down those steps and your feet are in water. No neighbors anywhere too near. The sun sets somewhere to your right. Bliss.

The owner was in a hurry to rent it though, and could not wait for our coming in November. There was another couple who wanted to move in right away. Sigh.  This is the beach in front of the lost house.

The plan now is to stay in a smaller house for a month (found, reserved, and checked off the to-do list), while looking around for something better. The best thing to do, we’ve been advised, as where we’re going is not the kind of place where people put up their homes to lease on the Internet. In fact, this is not the kind of place where the Internet is used very much…

Preparing for the house-hunting I am inspiring myself with photos stained by sun.

Kikoys in Kenya.

Ikat bowl.



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