Moving forward

Hello there, excuse me I have been absent. I have valid excuses; things are shaking around here, in very major ways. Number one is that Nola and I figured out that we’re much better off as friends than as business partners, so 7100 Islands will be a single-girl gig from now on. Breaking up is always hard to do, but at least now both of us are moving forward with more clarity.

And speaking of moving, did I mention that my husband Pierre and I about a decade ago were living in the tropics? We have set up our home and have had our child here in France, but we have always wondered if maybe it wouldn’t be better for us somewhere else.

We have decided to take the big leap, before our daughter is required to attend school. We’re taking the plane in November, to leave for a few months or maybe a year, for what we call a working sabbatical. 7100 Islands’ packages will soon be mailed to you from exotic iles.

I am really thankful that we both have that spirit that pushes us to explore what else there can be for us out there. Life is good.

A few pictures of around where we’ll be:


6 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. hi apol, i read about 7100 islands in the magazine on a recent flight to misibis bay. I am looking to go into social entrepreneurship that would help filipinos. I am manila based, but leaving for Europe tonight for a month, If your schedule allows you, would love to go to the south of France to meet with you and discuss 7100 islands. Hope to hear from you. My email is speak soon!

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