Gone travelling: Pierre in Peru

Excuse the week-long absence, as we are hard at work preparing for our first-ever artists’ market (19 May at the Parvis de la Maison Carrée in Nimes, from 10 am to 7pm, meet us there if you can!). For our travel series we could not resist these photos volunteered by one of the 7100 Islands husbands. These were taken by Pierre when he first travelled to Peru, and with one of those ancient gadgets, cameras with film! How vintage, yah?

The story goes that Pierre foolishly climbed a mountain too fast (he forgot which), lost consciousness at high altitude, and woke up in the home of this man and his adopted son, who nursed him back to health.

One of the last sights he saw before dropping to the ground maybe?

At a village market.

That’s our traveller with the little boy who saved his life.

How about you, what interesting spot have you visited? If you have travel photos you’d like published here, send us an e-mail at the7100islands@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “Gone travelling: Pierre in Peru

  1. Beautiful pictures! Good thoughts sent to the man and his son who saved Pierre : )

    Plenty good luck on the artists’ market!

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