The third-world life: Toys from found objects

When we were kids, there wasn’t any Toys “R” Us, we made up our own games and created our own toys. This probably explains a lot why we are who are today, but that’s beside the point. We decided to have some old-fashioned fun this mid-week, and make play things from pieces found on the beach, from walking on the streets, and our own scrap fabric pile. As you can see, summer is on our minds these grey early-spring days.

We took shells from two very fat clams, twigs from fallen branches, and pieces of cloth fished right out of our sewing room trash bin to make these sail boats. Tip; To get your sail pole standing up on the shell, cut a flat piece from a wine cork, and stick this to the shell with a generous dollop of wood glue. Once dry, poke a hole in the middle of the circle of cork. This is where the  twig-and-sail goes.

This trio we call “Bakasyonistas,” city folk on a beach holiday. They’re made from wine bottle corks and small shells, and scrap fabric and thread,. The faces are drawn on with felt-tipped pens.

P.S. In the shade and out of the sun, the bakasyonistas take their shell hats off.


4 thoughts on “The third-world life: Toys from found objects

    • We’re working on more toys from found objects, Deborah, for a summer story. What a shame about Nîmes, would have liked to meet you!

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