The third-world life: How to Cut a Mango

Mango, fleshy tropical fruit, deliciously acidic when green, heavenly sweet just as soon as the skin turns yellow, how do we eat thee?

A great way to go about it when you’re on a picnic is to take a knife and go down and around, peeling the skin down in a spiral.  Go ahead and bite into the flesh with your teeth. When the fruit is ripe, you can do without the knife and peel with your fingers. Juices running down to the elbows are part of the fun!

Or you can cut your mango into strips. (As you can see, we are all for playing with your food.)

Our absolute favorite is the hedgehog, where you cut a “cheek” off and with your knife make criss-crossing marks on the mango meat. To eat, you can pick the squares off either with fork tines or go at it with your teeth.

A tip: If you’ve grown up eating mangoes, you know that it’s best enjoyed with a dip, like fish sauce or a combination of vinegar and chili. For beginners, though, before trying the mother-of-all-dips “bagoong” (fermented shrimps), we recommend you start simple, sprinkling your mangos with rock salt.


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