Sneak Peek: Our Caravane

If you follow us on Facebook, you would have already seen this photo of us all-smiles at work (That’s me, Apol, on the left and Nola on the right.):

We explained that it was partly because from our office we have the greatest view.

Our “office” is actually a trailer stranded on a field somewhere in the south of France.

We neglected to say in the Facebook post that later this month we’re expecting a slightly different view, as a family of flamingos come to feed in the marsh out in front at the beginning of spring. This is a photo we took before, on the sly, as those flamingos are a skittish bunch.

Then a few weeks after that, part of the attraction will be bright yellow plastic chairs and a barbecue, as warm weather means we can start having lunches on the deck out front.

The challenge then will be actually getting any work done!

P.S. We’re still hard at work developing new products. This is a prototype for a sculpted bracelet. Nola’s not too crazy about it, but we see possibilities!


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