Welcome to the spanking new blog of 7100 Islands, where it’s all about happy tribal.  (Yes, we know that a certain famous potter had gotten first dibs on “happy” before us, but there really was no better word to capture the spirit of our line.) That means objects fun and modern, vibrant and bright, made from materials sourced ethically from tribes and artisan communities in the Philippines.

7100 Islands is a partnership between me, Apol Massebieau, and Nola Andaya Milani. Aside from living in the south of France but being born in the tropics, and having long black hair flying all over, we also have in common a passion for great textile and rare materials with a story behind them. We had been hearing about each other for a while now, but only met last year. We hit it off, and here we are. You can read more about us here.

In the photo below are rolls of T’nalak and hinabol for our first collection. To find out more about these fabrics, we invite you to visit our site. There are clutches I’ve sewn up in the shop right now. In a couple of weeks you’ll also find home decor items. We’re creating pillow covers and fabric bowls, and putting together wall art.

What to expect from this blog? We will be talking about our work and the many things that inspire us. On Mondays, there will be “Happy Trip,” where Nola writes about travelling the world by discovering the local crafts. On Wednesdays, I will be getting up close and personal in “Sneak Peeks,” and talking about the business of nurturing a baby empire, and on Fridays Nola has “Globalista,” where she features art, object, books, and music that reflect the lifestyle of the new global citizen.

We are both really excited by this new project. For the two of us, it is a coming together of many years of different kinds of experiences and a deep, constant passion. Come along and join us in this adventure?


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